Dating the dark side

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In last year's Forbes rich list, Kirsten, her widowed mother and her brothers were reckoned to be the world's 55th richest family, on a par with the Duke of Westminster.Lisbet The oldest of Hans Rausing's three children lives in Holland Park, and has a 32,000-acre home in Scotland.At an early age, Hans Kristian appears to have decided he could not measure to his father or grandfather, and ran off like a 1960s hippy to India, where he picked up a drug habit. Her father, Tom Kemeny, is a former Pepsi executive, who owns an island off South Carolina and a property in Barbados.Hans, who calls himself Hans K, to differentiate from his father, seems never to have found a role for himself in life but, like most members of the Rausing family, he has been lavish in giving away money.Andy Mc Smith explores their very private lives Hans Kristian If Hans K and his wife, Eva, were 25 years younger, you might think them the poor little rich kids.They were born into vast wealth, more money than anyone could spend in a lifetime, reckoned not in millions, but billions.The Lanwades stud farm started with a staff of two, which has grown to 35.

Kirsten is also a leading horsebreeder, a member of the Jockey Club since 1990.Milk cartons gave them one of the greatest private fortunes in Europe.But a drugs bust at the US embassy in London this week cast the secretive Tetra Pak clan in a shocking new light.He likes to do his own cooking, and does not like showing off his wealth.He drives a Morris Minor, and visits the barber in the village near by.

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