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It isn't and hasn't been proven or tried in court." It's not a whodunit. She made a personal decision that the public need to know was greater than the classification, but didn't consider that her actions could have lead to the deaths of sources or the loss of methods.I'm not accusing her of anything, I'm reading what she's admitted. She deserves punishment not for her motive but because what she did was reckless and put people at risk.Since I have no energy to take on all the privacy issues of Windows 10, does anyone know of a vendor who sells the Chinese Government version of Windows in English?Unless I can find a way around this dilemma, we'll be running Windows 7 forever.....) and somehow manages to get infected with a dozen or so instances of malware, one or more of which starts mining the interesting stuff.We're told Israel noticed somehow because they were hacking Kaspersky already unrelated and just came across this.

It hard to attribute the NSA/CIA/FBI and GCHQ or the Russians at this point of scamming the USA out of digital weapons.Even after a sentence is handed down after a period of 2-3-4 years in prison sometimes these things are adjusted for cooperation or good behavior or xyz. For comparison Jared Kushner faces a firing squad, THEORETICALLY. That's if he doesn't break himself and give up the golden goose. I doubt that some of the folks prosecuted under the above laws would agree that these penalties are a "snap/slap".... That guy does not have a job at top-secret government agency. I get the feeling the real "P-ing Contest" is between US IC entities and Kaspersky is "just a useful idiot" in the whole process. 3, They are not "compliant" unlike US "and friends" AV companies. What they count on is the paper trail itself, that's almost always going to tell them exactly where to look.Unless you are a General or something on that level. He is a mid-level manager, a corporate drone trying to work his way up the ladder at some random office complex somewhere near Baltimore or D. Meanwhile his own manager the next level up is winking at the practice and praising his productivity, and getting kudos one level up from that for having such dedicated employees who work off the clock. Oh and a whole lot more "Existential Threat" nonsense straight out of the Orwell and Huxley play books oh and of course "The Prince" of manuscripts for such behaviour from Nicolo Machiavelli, who had to be held to account for his crimes for revealing state secrets when the Medici came back. Not even a real name." American, she's known, and yes her name is real. I'd like to think the printers have extra microdot authentication going on, but if they did in this case it wasn't denoted.The media in playing to the side of their respective state TLAs. I agree that the whole certificate forging thing has gone too far.The HTTPS as we know it not really that secure at this juncture.

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