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“I was really surprised,” says Molly Fedick, editor-in-chief of Hinge’s dating advice site IRL.“But people are very busy with their lives and may have several connections in their app, so they may take time to respond.If you go into every situation with the expectation of meeting the love of your life, you’re most likely going to be let down.Instead, focus on expanding your social network and giving yourself opportunities to meet people.

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“If you’re in line at the coffee shop you can turn around to someone and say: ‘I always get the same vanilla latte. “If they talk to you for a long period of time, they’re probably interested,” Ettin said.

On those sites “you should assume they’ve read your message and if they don’t respond, they’re just not that into you.” If you do double text, Hinge data suggests that you should only do so 3 hours and 52 minutes after you’ve sent your first message.

But don’t worry if your match has temporarily slipped your mind: even those who double texted a week after initially reaching out were more than twenty times likelier to get a response than if they had left things alone. “A lot of first-time online daters will say ‘hey’ or ‘what’s up’ as a first message,” says Ray. “The mistake a lot of people make is not giving others insight into who they are.” There are two big things double texters should avoid.

First things first – smile, and put down the technology, especially if friends get up to get drinks or go to the bathroom.

Being on your phone or putting in ear buds signals that you don’t want to be approached. A professional wingman teaches us.] Instead, just look around and observe the room.

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