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Two significant developments have greatly assisted the task of resolving such complexity.One is the development of rapid OSL profiling methods, originally using series of small samples analysed in the laboratory to map sedimentary stratigraphy, and more recently with the development, at SUERC, of field portable instrumentation which can be used to detect inversions, age-discontinuities, and redepositional sequences during excavation and sampling.Precision of dating varies from sample to sample, and from context to context, depending on individual sample characteristics (mineralogy, luminescence sensitivity, stability and homogeneity of the radiation environment, and the quality of initial zeroing).Typically precisions of ± 2-10% of age can be achieved with 5% dating precision representing a reasonable target for general purposes.On the international scene, researchers based in Scotland have used these methods to provide the first dates for ancient canals in the early rice cultivating empires of SE Asia, and to understand the dynamics of incised features within Neolithic sites in the Mediterranean and Southern Italy.Importance aspects of OSL dating of sediments within complex sites relate to establishing whether individual samples have been effectively zeroed at time of final enclosure within the site formation processes, and whether they have been subject to post-depositional disturbances resulting in mixed-age materials.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in eleven caves along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea between the years 19.A wide range of aeolian, fluvial, alluvial and colluvial materials have been studied worldwide for mainly quaternary research purposes.Archaeological applications are also increasingly prominent in the literature.The ability to date clean wind-blown sand layers in archaeological landscapes and sequences provide important opportunities to examine human-environment interactions, and in particular the impact of past storminess on early communities.This has external links to the North Atlantic climate system, and also to the development of greater understanding of the environmental factors which accompany changes in settlement pattern, and population movements.

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