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Conley thought that he should be charged with sex with a minor. Conley was against this she told her husband it would ruin their reputation at church and with their neighbors if they found out their daughter had been fucking the neighbor's son. Conley had made an appointment with the new doctor who had just opened a new office in their community. Conley that any discussion and findings would be private and would stay between him and his patients. Conley and Maggie arrived at the clinic, Both were impressed with how professional Dr. For someone as young as he, only thirty years old, married and had two little boys, he seems like the perfect doctor to solve a young girl's problems. Conley also had some errands to run in the area, so told Maggie to wait in the car when she was done and had left.As it was late in the day, Maggie was going to be his last patient for the day, he had told his nurse that she could leave early, as he would finish up and lock up. Maggie was pleased with the way the doctor made her feel at home and with easy questions about her home life and things she enjoyed doing.Reaching the edge of her lips he slowly rubbed his finger up and down on them.Maggie moaned a little and moved her body as if she was enjoying it.She climaxed once, twice, three times before the good doctor blew his big load into her hot wet cunt, pumping her full of his seed, which hurried to impregnate her. Means pulled his limp cock out of her hole."Wow." She said, "That was one of the best fucks, I've had. " asked Maggie."Yes." he replied, " I think you need this treatment, at least once a week. " This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.When she agreed to this, he told her to get undressed and put a gown on and then get onto the examination table.She did as he told her, it was warm in the room and as she had been examined before by doctors though none as young as this one so she did not feel embarrassed by being naked under her gown. Means told her he would examine her breasts, which he proceed to do.

Their daughter Maggie had just turned seventeen and Mr.He asked her how long she had known Richard and if she liked him.She told him she did and about how they had sex together. Means told her that her parents were very concerned about her and her health because she'd had unprotected sex with a boy and they were worried that she could become pregnant, but also catch one of the many diseases going around and they wanted the doctor to give her a thorough examination.Pulling back slowly until only an inch or so of his cock was inside her cunt, he put it back all the way and started fucking her hard and fast.Maggie was beside herself as his cock slid in and out of her cunt, she didn't know that fucking could be this much fun.

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