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The IND will then check to see if your application is complete and that the fees have been paid.Are documents missing, or are documents not correct?You do not necessarily need an appointment to do this.However, keep in mind that there might be a considerable waiting time if you do not have an appointment.Check to see if the information on the residence permit is correct while you are still at the IND desk.If something is incorrect, please inform the IND staff member at once.

You wish to work in the Netherlands as a holder of a European blue card from another Member State.You have to give your biometric information upon collecting the mvv.​You do not have an mvv-required nationality.You are travelling to the Netherlands in your permit-exempt term.Along with offering a welcoming smile, IASA plays the essential role of securing your safety, in looking after all the details that provide for individual security as well as for the wellbeing of the general community and environment.In this way, IASA contributes to our end goal of affording you a carefree, truly remarkable vacation experience.

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