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The welder can sense whether it's being fed 240 or 110 V and switch automatically (the 110 to 240 adapter that came with it is passive, just a short cable with specific connectors on each end).EDIT: I should add that the machine, according to the manual, draws less than 30 A continuously even at 100% output settings.(2) EVSE is fastened in place to facilitate any of the following: a. (4) Receptacles are located to avoid physical damage to the flexible cord.All other electric vehicle supply equipment shall be permanently wired and fastened in place to the supporting surface, a wall, a pole, or other structure.

Second, Follow Three Phase Eel's advice on the ground wire for the circuit.If you want to plug it in though refer to the Code.The 2011 NEC does not allow you to do this at all for anything but a 120 volt system. Electric vehicle supply equipment rated at 125 volts, single phase, 15 or 20 amperes or part of a system identified and listed as suitable for the purpose and meeting the requirements of 625.18, 625.19, and 625.29 shall be permitted to be cord-and-plug- connected.But the voltage between any diagonal blade, and the L-shaped blade, is 120 V. If the L-shaped blade is connected to ground, shouldn't I read 240 V between it and one of the diagonal blades, and 0 V between it and the other blade?Or are the diagonal blades in opposite phase with each other, each carrying 120 V relative to ground, and therefore 240 V relative to each other?

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