Entourage no longer updating inbox exchange

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In the last view "Folders in the folder root list" there is no way to not view these (Family, Talk Lists, Work) folders.

If you have a lot of accounts, this can make for a looooong folder list.

What I have tried so far: - Pinged the Exchange server- solid connection - Through OWA on the same machine, with the same credentials, I was able to log into the exchange server - Tried using my old PC (running outlook), connected to the same Exchange Server with the same credentials- no issues.Mac Fix It reader Adam Nicely writes: "I work in a corporate environment where Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 was just deployed.I switched a number of our Mac using employees to Entourage 2004 and for a few weeks, everyone has enjoyed the app and how it seems to work in an Exchange Server environment with Black Berrys. When you move or delete messages on the Exchange server, the changes appear to have taken place within the Entourage app, but in reality all of those messages remain on the server until one's mailbox reaches the quota and then they can no longer send messages.If you add folders to an IMAP account, you will need to subscribe to those folders.In the folder list on the left select the account name so that your folders display on the right.

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