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On just the name front, Sweaty Sock would seem to be at a crippling disadvantage, but, at once keen to throw away a chance at a the perfect start, Orlando deigns to have a name starting with Orla. a lesson to be learned here - if you’re going to have Lando in your name, put it at the front. and yet still outshine the main star, it’s reported the director paid him twice Di Caprio’s salary and gave him half the real life boat for his fish tank.

Starting as a mere second class citizen on the foot of one Leonardo Di Caprio, Mr Sock built his status up gradually yet solidly for scenes involving a fully clothed and socked romp with Kate Winslet in a classic car, a long sink to the ocean with a dying Jack ("Jack wait! " - "I’m sorry baby, there’s not room for me on that plank…

Despite floundering about on the snow in a desperate light-footed effort to stop his socks from getting wet, Bloom pulls off the roll of Legolas incredibly well, the mysterious air and coldly efficient manner of the character suiting Orlando’s skills perfectly.

He’s a little bit pretty, but any girls you take to the cinema are slightly put off by his stupidly long hair and deformed ears so it’s not too bad. Sweaty Sock was busy muddying his feet (pun intended) in the woods near Farnham, Surrey, filming the Ridley Scott epic with Russel Crowe.

Whilst Bloom ponces around snogging Kiera Knightley our ninety percent cotton hero cruises into the scene on a sinking boat and is then dragged along the jetty on the foot of one Jack Sparrow, pirate extraordinaire!

From then on out Orlando and his chick are but pretty scene decorations while Sparrow chases down the ugly bad guys.

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In 2002, he was featured on the Bo Diddley tribute album Hey Bo Diddley - A Tribute! He signed to Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label and was the opening act for Vai's The Real Illusions Tour 2005 around the world.

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It’s a comedy of errors in this edition of Champ & Chump, the might-be-might of the minutely-mighty M&S sock pitted against the false-cutesy and oh-a-bit-too-feminine charm of one Orlando Bloom. Never one to turn down a bit of foreshadowing (Cue Lot R flashback, "Aragorn… " or some such jazz) he plays the role of a rentboy, apparently using permanent make-up that mean he will forever hold the look from now until eternity. It was a relatively quiet decade for the old chap other than that, but there’s probably some minor roles in Coronation Street or Holby City lurking in the English TV vaults of shame somewhere…

Moving on swiftly to 2003 and your man Bloom is featuring in the movie about Australia’s most famous criminal, .

The problem is nobody bothered watching it, although your girlfriend downloaded the trailer but didn’t understand it, ‘cos no-one outside of Australia does…Fortunately for Orlando the surprise summer blockbuster comes out of nowhere to knock our socks off! Sweaty Sock’s first appearance on the foot of one Johny Depp it is clear who the real star of this picture is.

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