Error updating local id file

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Domino began life as Lotus Notes Server, the server component of Lotus Development Corporation's client-server messaging technology.

It can be used as an application server for Lotus Notes applications and/or as a web server.

Have you tried deleting the local ID file and replacing it with a fresh copy of the ID file from the Master address book? Ta Kerrin I actually found out that its a known bug in Notes client 5.0.4 and by upgrading to 5.0.4a the problem is fixed.

This might stop the problem from happening again... Also I upgraded another machine BEFORE I did mine and it fixed my ID file for me. but I recommend upgrading to 5.0.4a so fix it properly.

It seems successful, but afterwards the user has this message: "Error updating local ID file: The information in the supplied certificates from the Address Book entry is out of date" In addition, the user's access to secure fields my no longer work.

Probably Causes and Solutions: The ID's public key is newer than the server.

Their database design is stil based on the R5 template, but I don't imagine that this would be the problem. Just as an aside, when I go to find the user's database, I cannot see it in the list of databases in the directory it should be. I provided the correct answer for slugerama to resolve the problem.

;-)) It appears that the regisration process is actually trying to do a name change. When you initiate a rename, it does EVERY database, EVERY ACL, and EVERY document where the name might appear. As it is a testing machine so i will uninstall everything (Server1/BOBA, Server2/BOBA, etc), 4. This is starting to be excited playing around with the Lotus Notes at the back end. I will split the point; and once again thank you very much.Let me rewrite it: First you need to copy the user's public key from their ID to their person document in the Domino Directory. As for the database not showing, check the database properties and on the 4th (Design) tab make sure "Show in 'Open Database' Dialog is ticked. You can take that file and paste it to the local machine's /data directory and possibly solve some problems.Get the user to send their public key to you by going to File Mail, Copy certificate ... You might also try the "Rename..." command from Domino Admin. I have used that one successfully for a user who got married and needed her name changed in e-mail and in all databases. This is related to Questions Q22068427 and Q22072053 2. The reasons of this error message MAYBE because as the following: i) This Server1/BOBA is the first server, ii) It has been running very well, iii) But i executed the "registration process" to this server ("just curious want to see the outcomes") 6. The error message: "Error updating local ID file: The public key specified in the name change request do not match those specified in the new certificate" 5.

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