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By Brenda Alexander It’s season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the first where I haven’t seen weekly headlines or recaps.What started off as a raw and fascinating depiction of the elite black women of Atlanta has transformed into a show of forced story lines and soured friendships. Continue After being accused of hiring boyfriends, Kenya Moore is married now and refuses to showcase her new marriage out of fear that her husband will be subjected to public scrutiny.The girls appeared to be engaged in a serious conversation while picking out flowers and enjoying the sites.Tourists gathered to observe the activity surrounding the women.She made a brief appearance on season 8 but she has not been back until now!New cast member Eva Marcille, pictured left, is dating Atlanta mayoral hopeful Michael Sterling.Y’all can’t even keep it together in the name of a higher power?Black women are all for that black girl magic and camaraderie nowadays.

) If you're looking for Rihanna's best red carpet looks, Solange's top Instagram moments or just searching for celebrities spotted out and about, look no further.Kim Zolciak is back part time and still comfortable af greeting her black co-stars with a “hey bitch.” America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille is new and was introduced when she decided to bring the only castmate who minds her business, Cynthia, to tears after telling the ladies that the man she was fixated on had a girlfriend. Show them on tour, in meetings picking out designs for their brands.Cynthia is single and divorced from the financial stress she claims strained her marriage but is desperate to keep the Jamaican coffee bean Peter Thomas as her BFF while she embarks on a journey to find her 50 shades by serial dating for the first time while she’s still got it. Hell, two of the women are in their 50s and I’m sure are dealing with some aging issues.And with the revolving door of “friends of the show,” it’s hard to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Now, we’ve resorted to cast members teenage daughters purposefully (and immature and inappropriate if I may add) live streaming water bugs crawling on someone’s bathroom floor. If Kenya’s not going to show her marriage, then recast her.It’s not fair to the viewers who want to see her new reality or the rest of the cast who are exposing the good, bad and ugly of their lives. Show women in their 50s getting their groove back like Stella, being comfortable at “starting over” when they may have more years behind them than in front of them. Kandi is the queen of entrepreneurship and more than the other ladies, her businesses are always highlighted, which I appreciate.

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