Ex girlfriend is dating other guys dehyrdating fruits

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If that’s the case, I also believe there’s another way looking at the situation: The fact that your girlfriend was able to move on so quickly might be an indication of an anxious attachment pattern and her being dissatisfied in the relationship.On top of that your ex-girlfriend, at some level, was likely dissatisfied with the relationship.Or maybe she just seems to be handling the whole breakup a lot better than you are.The question remains: how is she able to move on so fast, and why does all this seem so much harder on you than it is on her?Your biological wiring is engineered to motivate you to find out about her so you can get back together with her.We need to see this phenomenon for what it is: thoughts and feelings. You need to start catching yourself when your mind wanders towards that pertains to her.As the authors admit, a rebound relationship, for one, could have that effect, but also simple optimistic suggestions could result in reduced feelings of longing as well.

If your girlfriend dumps you for the first guy that shows her attention (e.g.They are saying that simply by giving a woman optimistic suggestions they can reduce her longing for her (ex-) partner.If something as trivial as optimistic suggestions can change her feelings about you, imagine what genuine interest from another guy could do. If your ex-girlfriend has an anxious attachment pattern, she may have stayed with you only because she was pessimistic about her alternatives.If your relationship with your anxiously attached girlfriend was in bad shape, she might have stayed with you because she was pessimistic about finding someone else.However, her pessimism could have been reduced by, for instance, a cute guy showing some interest in her.

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