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Sweet Treats Treat your mom to her favorite special treat this Mother’s Day.

Specialty chocolates, cookies, jams, and crackers are all wonderful things she can share with her friends in the assisted living or nursing home facility.

Another option is to give mom a digital picture frame and upload all of her favorite pictures.

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Consider some of these gift ideas for your mom this year.If your loved one has just moved, or is anticipating a move, here are some helpful tips to ease the transition: Keep your senior’s new surroundings as familiar as possible.It’s difficult to adapt to any change, but when dementia patients are taken out of their normal routine, adapting to life changes can be an incredibly hard challenge.Taking some of their favorite mementos and belongings with them to their new home.Familiar pictures, bed covers, clothing, or furniture can do a lot to soothe feelings of anxiousness and confusion. Being able to meet the staff who will be caring for your loved one will help you get a better sense of the support and care that’s being offered.

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