Fantasy role play chat bot richard gutierrez and heart evangelista dating

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In order for a bot of this sort to be a good DM (or a DM’s assistant), it needs to have extensive knowledge of the realm/region/locale that the game is set in, and needs to know where everyone is within that realm/region/locale, plus knowledge of creatures/enemies/NPC’s, etc.

It’s certainly doable, and I don’t want to dissuade you from the notion, but ti’s going to be a lot of work; even if you had something like my Rifts® web app to work from.

A trivia bot can give players points [I have played with Diablo II trivia bots and have some all time streaks and scores] based on the result of their answers.

This feature could be transformed into your experience and loot. The bot needs to be able to compare stats between opponents, that’s what is going to be truly difficult, but the role playing story part of it is just narrative with occasional “question-like” events that represent battles.

Each person came up with some pretty good, but tedious ideas.Unfortunately, due to the time it took me to get the project to a “marginally functional” state, the games died anyway, and I ended up abandoning the project.I’ve still got all of the project files, but not much in the way of time to continue working on it.For that, I am thinking the second bot needs to have a database of all of the enemies you encounter, as well as the player stats.Hell, when the player says the attack command like /atk @Target #86 /w sword, it should be the second bot that responds to that with results.

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