Fast dating sim

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This dating sim strategy works for all the heroine ladies in the game.

Step 1: Increase the heroine’s mood to level 5 (In Love) Be in a party and take the ladies to any of the dating spots and just wait. (Mood changes into level 6, “Infatuation”) and proceed to your room while it is active.

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’s levels play out as dialogue choice-based, interactive scenes.

Dating is kind of like a game, at least in my experience: It’s a lot of figuring out how to talk to a cute person without fumbling over your words or ticking them off; after that comes sustaining their interest in you while making sure to honor your own needs too. But getting better at it, like most games, involves practice — like learning how to be flexible, compromising and, most importantly, supportive.

Self-proclaimed dating coach Richard La Ruina professes to be an authority on the dating game.

Look no further than the continuing tide of movements like #Me Too and #Times Up for a sense of how many women have been in situations with men whose endgames are clear.

It’s one thing to be quickly complimented in a bar or on the street, but even that can ring the alarm for those of us who’ve felt trapped on the other end of a hustle like the ones La Ruina advocates.

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