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Nikola's static output and its input files will work as long as you can install Python 3.4 or newer under Linux, Windows, or OS X and can find a server that sends files over HTTP. Also, static sites are easily handled by the Internet Archive.On dynamic sites, every time a reader wants a page, a whole lot of database queries are made.If I release a new version of Nikola, and you don't update, happens.You can continue to use the version you have now forever, no problems.On server-side blog platforms, sometimes you can't export your own data, or it's in strange formats you can't use in other services.I have switched blogging platforms from Advogato to Py Cs to two homebrew systems, to Nikola, and have never lost a file, a URL, or a comment.On the other hand, Nikola sites will tend to be content-heavy.What Nikola is good at is at putting what you write out there.

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Currently, Nikola supports re Structured Text, Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, HTML as input, can also use Pandoc for conversion, and has support for BBCode, Creole Wiki, txt2tags, Textile and more via plugins — for more details, read the input format documentation.You can learn re Structured Text syntax with the re ST quickstart.Please note that Nikola does not support encodings other than UTF-8.That's because I have Magic Links You will want to do things like "link from one post to another" or "link to an image gallery", etc. You will be asked for a title for your post, and it will tell you where the post's file is located.Sure, you can just figure out the URLs for each thing and use that. By default, that file will contain also some extra information about your post ("the metadata").

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