Flirt to sexy housewifes paleolithic principle dating

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I spent four years climbing up and down ladders and crawling around doing all the mucky jobs that the tradesman got me to do, and didn't really have much to do with the clients.While grafting on building sites, every so often I would hear stories about so-called "desperate housewife" customers who supposedly would throw themselves at some tradies, getting up to all sorts of mischief.We spent the rest of day being very chatty and friendly and when I left at 4pm she said how she was looking forward to seeing me again the next day and watched me drive away.The next day when I arrived she was wearing a skimpy outfit of jean shorts and a revealing, low cut T-shirt.She then asked if that meant I enjoyed her watching me.I became very uncomfortable and really didn't know what to say.

When I arrived I met the client who was a very attractive brunette lady, I guessed somewhere in her mid-thirties. She started to flirt a bit and hung around chatting to me while I started work.

She jokingly said comments such as "I bet all the ladies love it when you show up" and said because of the heat she didn't mind if I wanted to take my shirt off, which she gave a bit of a cheeky smile about.

Pushing my luck, I jokingly replied "only if you do too".

the people you tend to deal with the most are women, generally mums who have sent their kids off to school, or stay-at-home wives.

The first time I realised that some of our clients might be taking a bit of interest in me was on a hot summer's day when I was doing some gardening.

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