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Broken by winter Those kind of temperatures along with this week’s storm may seem jarring because the past several winters have been “comparatively tame,” said Minnesota state climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld.

“For better or worse, people get used to that — wearing light jackets in February and March and having the snow off the ground by Presidents’ Day.” And for some, winter can take a psychological toll.

“I like winter when it’s supposed to be winter,” he said.

He wants snow on Christmas and accepts that a Minnesota winter will linger through March.

The dogs didn't mind the snow, and dog owners appreciated that the dog park, which was muddy yesterday, was now clean with fresh snow.

Gallery: Kona (left) and Royce sprinted into the Franklin Terrace dog park as owners Nick Segl and Madeline Sweeney watched.

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The Gophers started their baseball season in mid-February, traveling to warmer climes for games and hosting 13 home games at U. “It’s utopia.” The stadium is now closed for the baseball season. Taking into account snowfall and temperatures, this season registers only as moderate.

“These people are happy to have their identity and viable businesses back.” Blumenfeld looked out his window Tuesday morning and found the snowfall soothing.

“I’ll put on my boots and go for a walk and bike through this stuff,” he said.

Gallery: Graham drew first with a shovel full of snow on Sean after Sean got his sister Alma.

Alma Connoy, 7, her brother Graham Connoy, 8 and their neighbor and friend Sean Barker, 8, spent their spring break shoveling and enjoying an epic and good natured snowball fight.

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