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With the included easy-to-use drag-and-drop software, plus the automated setup features built into the Carve Wright CX, you can easily create stunning carving projects in very little time.

Optional add-on apps can enhance your capabilities, while the Carve Wright Pattern Depot gives you access to over 7,000 patterns and projects to download. Features: With the Rockler Protection Plan, you'll get accidental damage coverage immediately upon purchase of your tool.

The basic machine and software is very versatile, and you can do a wide variety of projects with it.

Fine dust is the enemy; a top-mounted dust collection hood will prevent many issues. I have read many mixed reviews from owners on Amazon dating back as far as 3 years ago.

I myself have designed and built wood gear clocks using only these bits and basic machine and software, which you can find in the Pattern Depot. Rockler has one available, there is one on the Carvewright site, or you can make your own.

It can, but you would need the Scanning Probe accessory and accompanying Pattern Editor software to do this.Is it worth the money or should I be looking at sharks or piranhas? Thank you My experience is that this machine is down more than it is working and getting repair parts in a timely manner is iffy. It has a Roman Ogee pattern routed inside the frame and a flat panel in the center.I'm not recommending any other machine, but my advice is take the money and apply it toward a machine that is built to last by a manufacturer that can prove it. The Roman Ogee is custom and I can't find a router bit to make it. It can, but you would need the Scanning Probe accessory and accompanying Pattern Editor software to do this.Instead of requiring a space-hogging bed and gantry to accommodate large workpieces, the Carve Wright features a precision conveyor that moves the workpiece itself past the cutting spindle along the long axis.Unlike many CNCs, the spindle is also built into the machine, meaning you don't have to purchase a separate router.

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