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This morning while still in bed, by the nearby pond, the resident Canada Geese were honking up a storm. Supermarkets come in all shapes and sizes, and you never know if bananas will cost you 49 or 79 cents a pound.

Heaven knows there are plenty of repellents to keep the little blood suckers away. Find out in this segment from the TV show “Inside Edition.” Perhaps some of the most mysterious of RV technical issues surround electronically controlled appliances.

“Back in the old days” we didn’t have fancy control boards on refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters.

There’s Point A and B and C — all the way to Point Z, and then the next stop is Point AA, and on and on. I appeared on Facebook Live last Wednesday evening with my friends Bob Zagami and John Di Pietro on their program for the New England RV Dealers Association. Many readers set up an ongoing subscription, most to a month.

It’s a life in motion which, to me and a lot of people — I bet you, too — is pretty darn great! I was able to express my views about the state of the RV industry to more than 6,000 RV industry people and other interested parties. Let’s just hang out for awhile and talk about RVing. But even a one-time contribution of or helps make it possible for us to write about important matters, not just fluff to please advertisers and RV industry big shots. • “Zombie RV” finally towed away after months of complaints.

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