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Team Fortress 2 is a war-themed hat simulator filled with over-the-top violence, parodies of 1960s national stereotypes, James Bond movies, and enough cosmetic items to make the Gravel Wars look more and more like a Mob War with incredibly well-dressed soldiers. Because you're in debt to another international criminal organization.

The Soldier: TO YOUR LEFT IS WHERE DICK VAN DYKE HELD HIS GUTS IN HIS HANDS AFTER TAKING A MUSKET SHOT FROM AVA AND ZSA ZSA GABOR! Because you've purchased some idiotic artifact you need us to fill with...

Whatever you do, An “empty suitcase” is what we call it when you use the word “this” without a noun to follow it.

So, like, you might find yourself writing, “Tune into this to hear me drone on”, and you’d be using an empty suitcase because we don’t know what “this” is.

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You need your testimonials to be believable, to be credible and to be worth your prospect’s time. Importantly, in the emails preceding the PAS email, you want to finish by introducing a new problem at the end of it.

The testimonial isn’t for your benefit; it’s for your prospect’s. The promise, then, becomes to teach people how to solve that problem in the next email.

You just need to hold their attention, and you can do this by piquing their interest. Who else has already seen you keep your promise, and how?

What can you demonstrate to skeptics that your solution is easily going to ensure the promise is kept?

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