Gay dating and relationship advice

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I discovered my homosexuality during my teens during a period of Australian history of which the Queer Rights Movement was just being formed, and I was there for its formative years.

I have many fond memories of that time, and despite the chaos, uncertainty and the fear that presided over the time I wouldn't change it for the world.

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I watched my friends passing and disappearing, social networks fractured and fear running rampant through our lives. I went through men that, despite only staying in my life for a few months, would profoundly change my outlook and life.

“Most of the guys on Daddyhunt are genuinely attracted to older men, and the things that an older man has to offer,” says Daddyhunt CEO Carl Sandler, “in and out of the bedroom.” If you think your boy is just in it for cash, ask him if he’d mind paying for lunch one day. “SAGE is an amazing organization working to provide care, resources and support for older LGBTs.” Accept that some issues are going to challenge you as a couple, and resolve to be there for each other and forgive when someone makes a misstep.

Born in 1952 I currently have over six decades of experience when it comes to living.

We'll preface this article by saying that this is primarily a guide of sorts for men looking for long term love, dating and relationships.

A lot of men aren't looking for love, and long term relationships or even interested in dating.

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