Gift ideas for 2 month dating anniversary for guy Men and womensex in free chat

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I polled our Facebook group for your suggestions on how to celebrate in fine frugal fashion and you responded with gusto.

There were too many responses for me to include them all, but I’ve tried my best to hit the hight points below–many thanks to everyone who weighed in!

We instead focus on time spent together–which is what my parents were cleverly doing in having us make our own Valentines around the kitchen table.

I also want to point out that–if you plan to go the commercial route–there’s a tremendous downside to celebrating Valentine’s Day on the actual February the 14th.

We only came to this decision realizing we’d fallen victim to the old consumer trap of trying to engineer material goods to serve as stand-ins for human emotions.

One year for Valentine’s Day, he wrote a macro in Excel with a bunch of buttons that I clicked on and there were different messages to pop up to tell me he loves me.” Julie has plans for a cozy V-Day: “Something yummy for dinner then watching some tv together with the doggie.” CL says: “I’m going to surprise my hubby and take him to a new BBQ concession truck and go hiking at a nearby state park and [give him] a handmade love note. But even I, the holiday devotee, have to admit that Valentine’s Day is a too transparent in its thinly veiled prompts to spend money on things we obviously do not need. When you’re still finding your footing in a relationship, it’s tempting to fall back on the cultural norms of chocolates, flowers, and stuffed bears. It doesn’t require you to intimately know or connect with your partner–you just click around online and voilà! We were following the societal expectations that surround this holiday and nascent relationships in general.Although I’m all for demonstrating our love for one another year round, it’s also fun to celebrate holidays in our own hokey, frugal fashion.Just because we embrace extreme frugality doesn’t mean we ignore these largely commercial holidays.

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