Godaddy email forwarding pending setup validating mx record

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You will need to add an MX record to your domains DNS. They said I'm not allowed to ask questions, because I'm not a sysadmin...I bought a domain without webspace and want to forward emails to that domain to my Gmail account. If you're using your Registrar to do the email forwarding, you'll add their e-mail servers for the MX records.But I don't receive any emails which are send there, not even a return-to-sender-email. Without an MX record, mail servers have no idea which servers to send the mail to.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Just login to Domain Control Panel and then update some Name Records their.Google, Microsoft and some other Mail Service Provider Free Email Services for Custom Domain.You will need to correct the MX records in your DNS which is probably hosted on your server at Rackspace.You can locate the MX records you need in the Email Control Center.

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