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For those who are reading my work for the first time and to those who have read some of my many other stories I would like to say thank you. You know, the normal everyday things that need doing. I have only seen her dressed up for special occasions and for church. Why don't you give them up like your grandpa and dad did? This story is about a young man's incestuous lust for his grandma. If any of these things are not to your liking, please find another story to read. It was during one of those times, that things changed so drastically for me. But when she did dress up, she looked damn good for an older woman! She didn't have the kind of body that made me stroke my dick in the shower. She had a heavy bosom that smothered you when she would hug you tight. " Grandma was always getting on me about my smoking. Falling out of the towel was a dildo and vibrating silver egg. It might be a shock to find that your mom is hiding adult toys; but believe me, it will stop your heart and most of your other senses to find out that your grandmother is not only hiding them, but she's giving every indication that she uses them. Grandma looked at me standing there with my mouth open.

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I bet you have the girls drooling to get their hands and mouths on this!

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Five years after that, my dad died in a car accident. Then she told me to finish helping her move the furniture. Well, I would steal peeks at her as she moved around. I was trying my best not to think of her as I showered. Seconds later, I could hear the rush of her pee hitting the water. Hearing her pee, seeing her sitting on the bowl like that, my dick grew hard.

It was also the day I found out a dark secret about my grandma. She never wore anything shorter than knee length, but what you could see of her legs didn't look bad. But this time, I needed the cigarette to help take my mind off of her.

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