Gta 4 dating kate after she died problem updating ipad to ios 7

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Take him ther eand once he is assaulted, step out of your car and gun them down and return him home for the last encounter with him.Note: Don't show up to the meeting in a police car or you will fail it.Special Bonus- Jacob delivers a trunkload of weapons at bargain prices to your location if your like % is over 75.Hours Available- 1pm- 4am Activities- Boating, Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Heli Ride, Show, Strip Club.After each date, you have a chance to "try your luck" or "say goodbye" for a chance to score with her.If your percentage of likeability is high (Check the Score choice on the Stats page) you will most likely get some "coffee" from her, if not, just head out and take care of business as usual.You also need to be on time when showing up for a date.If something comes up before you get there, call and cancel instead of getting an irate girlfriend.

You will have to gun down 3 dealers to save Mel and pass the mission and then drive him back to his original location to pass.

After killing him and picking up the cash, take Hossan to the yellow blip and get some cash.

-First Encounter- Unlocked after Manny's "The Puerto Rican Connection" mission, after doing Hossans encounter.

Most of their activities are relatively simple and are not required and your storyline decisions will affect the appearance of some of them.

-First Meeting- You will find him near Roman's Cab Depot afther the mission "it's Your Call" and he will be standing on the sidewalk.

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