Guide editing and updating the new updater exe

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This time I tried blocking the my hosts file in system32/drivers/etc.

I also made the Updater folder in Skype installation folder blocked for "SYSTEM" and "Trusted Installer" in properties. I will report again if these don't work either.

I heard it happened, but it wasn't until today (21st of March, 2017) that I got hit by the same thing. Namely, it would randomly shut down and re-boot into v7.24.

I'd uninstall and reinstall the old version, and it would stealth-update and reboot into v7.24 time and time again.

The only problem is that the "pls update skype" message is still showing every time I log in. I'd like to also weigh in and add: I deleted two new Windows updates (KB3115033 and KB3039776) which were Skype related, and that stopped it stealth updating.

But I've gone ahead and done all the above just to be sure. I'll check if I can remove the windows updates.

Anyway you want to right click your /Skype/Updater folder, go to properties and the third tab (security or protection or whatever it is in English windows, mine is different language).

Here I just checked some boxes to deny rights for SYSTEM, also for Trusted Installed to feel more safe.

guide editing and updating the new updater exe-8

It took me a lot of trial-and-error to work out these steps, and only all eight finally stopped the updates for me. Update: Cleaned up the post, hopefully made it more readable and less confusing. I've applied these steps and will leave my computer on overnight and report tomorrow if any bullshit still happens.

I guess I'll experiment if just the updater folder is enough, but for now it works and I don't want to fix what ain't broken.

Did everything, most of which I did while not connected to the internet. I'm starting to wonder if my next question should not be "How do I stop the update?

I finally solved it after a few hours, making sure to cover any option Skype might have had.

If you solved the stealth-updates without utilising all 8 steps, good for you!

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