Hannah dating lewis

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We all kept completely silent and the soldiers left.

We didn’t dare to move or speak for hours afterwards.’In one of these raids, her cousin Shlomo was taken away.

We had such a strong bond that wherever we were, we somehow made eye contact,’ she said.‘When the knock at the door came, she got up and she gave me a big kiss.

Very unhurried, she walked to the door, opened it and closed it behind her.’Hannah, who was then just six years old, waited for her mother to come back.

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My father was shaking me and panicking because he thought I had gone permanently mute because of the shock.’They went back to find the house they had lived in before the war and dug in the garden to unearth valuables they had buried before they fled.I think I grew up at that particular time.’Hannah came to live in London as a refugee in 1949, when she was 12 years old, and found it very difficult at first because she could not speak the language.Now, however, she has been happily married since 1961, and was awarded an MBE in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list for her work with the Holocaust Educational Trust.This story is told from two different perspectives - the boyfriend (Lewis) and the girlfriend (Hannah). I took off my shirt and walked over to the bar and sat at one of the stools, close to her. They both tell how they first met and how they came to be partners, however the stories are slightly different to eachothers... Speaking to the bartender, I ordered a pint of beer.

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