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I now yearn for it, and just the… Read more Chapter One We are driving down the secluded four wheel drive only beach.I’m taking a new submissive that I’m training to be a pain slut for her Master.We've stayed here because we were trying to stay away from lil one’s old Master.She had finally told me that he had been very cruel to her and abused her in every way.

After a few minutes you hear the key in the lock and I come in and stand behind you. Lea would do anything he said and he loved using her body many ways.Erica meets me in our local park where we walk and chat about erotic education I offer her a lesson in love in practise, in a secluded part of the water-park I offer her a first ever orgasm from licking love lips after her golden shower Erica eagerly follows me to my place for more privacy for next lessons in love I teach the teen to play for pleasure her love lips so she can come without me Erica likes my love lessons, especially how she can climb up from first heaven Erica likes most how to pleasure me, as my sperm shower excites her very much I am an elder gentlemen, I know I… Read more You drive to a motel a few towns away and park your car in the back out of sight.You are dressed in a suit and heels; it’s summer so you aren’t wearing stockings.Master has been around but part of the training yet. I have been allowed to cum, but only when I am being flogged or some sort of pain is being inflicted on me.Mistress has told me to be patient, that he would participate soon. This has caused my body to respond to pain in a different way.

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