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Gemini also gets bored quickly, so it might be helpful to download the latest Kama Sutra app on your phone and store it nearby to keep things fresh!" Lessard says."First of all, Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the breasts, so either butter yours up or be prepared to fondle hers, because it's Cancer's erotic zone," Lessard says.Their brains work like computers and they praise anything organized and efficient, so don't take it personally if they tell you what you did "wrong" after the act. D."As Lessard says, "Libra is one of the classiest and most elegant signs of the zodiac.

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It'll definitely be a long night.""Gemini is the sign of communication and also of curiosity. There should be dirty talk involved (starting with some naughty texts throughout the day will guarantee a fun night) and having sex in a place like the living room floor littered with pillows of various sizes (you never know what you'll need and different angles are a necessity!Virgos will also keep tabs in bed on what works and what doesn't and are all about favors for others, so get ready to potentially hear a critique at the end of your love-making session.Try not to roll your eyes, because they don't like criticism.) will give you plenty of room to change positions often.A Gemini craves variety and a lot of mental stimulation, so be prepared to get innovative and brush up on your risqué vocab.

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