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Augustan A Book Concern 1914 Copyright, 1912, BY Au GUSTANA Book Coxcern.The consideration that the majority of the students who mil use his book are already more or less conversant with Swedish has led the author to make the lessons longer and the exercises rather more advanced than is the case in most beginners' books, to make the vocabularies unusually voluminous, and to devote consider- able attention to idiomatic expressions.The Verb: Impersonal Verbs; Reflexive Verbs 137 XXIII.VICKNER C^'-x V Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OOvickiala s^ 1^0 A BRIEF SWEDISH GRAMMAR BY EDW.With a few exceptions m is not doubled at the end of a word or syllable.(2) When short it has two sounds: (a) like the first in oho!

The introduction of Swedish into numerous high schools and universities in this country has created a demand for a book which may not only assist the exclusively English- speaking students to attain a fair reading and speaking knowledge of modern Swedish but which may also meet the demand of American born students of Swedish descent who desire to gain a more complete knowledge of the lan- guage of their fathers.

or like o in oil: om, if; hopp, hope; kropp, body; (b) like oo in moon shortened: ost, cheese ; blomma, flower ; moster, aunt.

(2) The sound of short u is more open than that of long u.

Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives — Position of Adverbs 92 VIII LESSON PAGE XVI.

Tlie Verb: Passive with Auxiliaries: Deponents 105 XVIII.

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