Internet dating fraud stories

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We hope other law enforcement jurisdictions will follow the lead of this forward-thinking sheriff's department.

The end result will be a drastic cut in Internet fraud as fraudsters start to recognize that victims are no longer without recourse.

Historically, America is defeated militarily only when we help fight the civil wars of nations who do not understand our democratic system or our selfless desire to share it with them.

The remedies for fraud may include rescission (i.e., reversal) of a fraudulently obtained agreement or transaction, the recovery of a monetary award to compensate for the harm caused, punitive damages to punish or deter the misconduct, and possibly others.

In cases of a fraudulently induced contract, fraud may serve as a defense in a civil action for breach of contract or specific performance of contract.

If you have also been a victim of these photos, a documentary filmmaker would like to hear from you: "Loving Jim Goetz" - A film by Eva van Pelt.

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