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Once we were in the shower mom asked me to help wash her back, so here i am again.

naked in the shower with my hot mom and im soaping up her back (Booty) and all i can think about is how good it felt to fuck her yesterday.

I needed my morning masturbation session but of course i wasn’t going to do it with mom in the shower and decided id have to wait for another time.

then i noticed the soapy water running over moms smooth tan milf ass and i got hard as a rock, mom really wasn’t looking in my direction so i started to play with myself.

Then I creampie my pussy and play with the cum with my hands. i was caught off guard because she was wearing a short white towel and nothing else.

The anal scene accounts for almost half of the clip, anal starts at and there are 3 total anal creampies, one is so small it doesn't count though so I say 2 lol. we said good morning to each other and then she told me she was done and to get in the shower.

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well that turned into a blowjob which then led to me fucking my mom in the shower till i came inside of her!

i told her i needed to do this every morning to focus during school.

she told me to hurry up and turned away, i told her it was gonna take a while so she did the unthinkable.

i figured i could cum with out her knowing but then she turned around a saw what i was doing.

she yelled at me but i was so horny and needed to cum.

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