Irc adult chat servers

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*@* (unignores the specific nick) For more Hex Chat info: click here PLEASE NOTE: Even though you can ignore ANY user you want, or even ALL users, KC Officials will always be able to Private Message you (but why would you want to ignore us lovely people anyway???: P) To get a list of the KC Officials, type /admin when you are connected to the chat.PLEASE NOTE: You can only receive memos if your nickname is registered with Nick Serv.Back to top Please direct your comments, complaints and suggestions to admin [at] Back to top Kinksters Chat is always on the outlook for new Chat Mods, so if you feel that you are in agreement with our philosophy and you want to help our community, please contact any of the KC Officials so we might have a talk about the possibilities.

Back to top To register your nickname: First make sure you are using the nickname you want to register, if not, change to the nickname you want to register by typing /nick nicktoregister (replace nicktoregister with the nickname you want to register), then type: /msg Nick Serv REGISTER "password" Change "password" to a password of your own that is hard for people to guess.Back to top Although Kinksters Chat already mask part of your IP and hostmask so that others cannot see it or work out where you're from, you may wish to have your entire IP and hostmask masked.This may be to enhance your own personal privacy or just so you can have something cool looking.Dark Myst is a free, online text-based roleplaying network that utilizes the IRC protocol.If you are new to IRC roleplaying or the Dark Myst IRC network, you can read our Roleplaying 101 Guide in order to help you get acquainted with IRC roleplaying games.

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