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A more concerning criticism was that several of the bits the appeared on the album were eerily similar to those from an earlier, far more obscure 2001 comedy album from then relatively unknown comic Louis C. The disputed material including gags about cyclists being hit by cars, anal irritation, and children with weird names. and Cook would finally have a fictional confrontation about the plagiarism claim on C.Other claims of plagiarism have also troubled Cook’s career, with comedian and popular podcaster Joe Rogan later claiming that a sketch of his own was stolen by Cook. K.’s television show The 2006 comedy Employee of the Month marked the start of Cook’s foray into Hollywood as a major player.Yet, his career has also been troubled by personal problems, accusations from rivals, and a strong backlash from “hip” counterculture.

Fan favorites include bits about the “pickles lady” at a local fast food restaurant, the uncoolness of Kool-Aid, the pleasures of tickling, playing Monopoly, and the horrors of public restrooms.

Dane Cook did not go professional right after high school, however, electing instead to study graphic design in college, just in case his comedy career didn’t work out. By the time he was twenty, Cook had ingratiated himself with the local comedy scene as the star of a Boston improv group.

The group struggled to achieve wide-ranging success, however, and were even “shoed” off stage once, in an incident in which audience members at a Phish concert hurled their shoes at the group.

It had a similar style to his last album, but had nearly twice the running time and a wider variety of jokes.

The sophomore album’s most common criticisms included the fact that it was less quotable, sometimes too dark, and perhaps aimed at a younger audience.

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