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This is her third year of nesting at 101 Hudson St.

In 2016, she laid one egg but it was never incubated (we believe there was a shakeup with the pair or the unbanded male was replaced).

She had three on April 3, so the fourth must have been laid on April 5.

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Falcons lay in intervals of every other day, so egg #2 should be laid tomorrow, possibly in the evening.

Hatch watch at this nest begins on the first weekend in May.

Several other falcon nests in NJ have already hatched young.

Young hatch around the same time since incubation isn't fully initiated until all eggs are laid.

Let's hope that more than one hatch this year as the nesting pair have become more experienced. We knew this day was coming as when female falcons are getting ready to lay an egg, they remain close to (or inside) the nestbox, especially at night.

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