Jewish speed dating tel aviv

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"Over the years, different groups have helped us in many areas of life, such as employment, education and housing," said Ro'i, who took part in the speed-dating event.

"But love is like the proverbial elephant in the room, and most of the time it's ignored." "I want a girlfriend," said Yura, 31, who works as a waiter and lives in sheltered housing.

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One of the dating services for meeting local people is Tel Aviv speed dating.

They have a hard time reading the other person, they're very direct, and are often perceived as annoying.

On a first date, for example, they're capable of talking about marriage." Nomi Wenkert, a sex education counselor who works with people with disabilities and oversaw the planning of the event, said it is important to provide a social setting geared toward the needs of people with certain disabilities because in a standard setting, seemingly simple things like the rules of conversation can be difficult for them to grasp.

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