Jolene van vugt dating travis

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"That would have killed the Catwoman image in my mind," says George Cottle, assistant stunt coordinator on the film.

But on set, by becoming someone else, she felt free to be Jolene.

"I see a different face now," she says, referring to the accident 17 months ago that changed her life. On a bad day, all I see is the scar." That's when she reminds herself she's thankful to be alive and where she is today.

All it took was Catwoman, a motorized toilet and a brush with death to get her there. " an announcer booms during the final show of Nitro's 2015 European summer tour. The only woman in the world enough to try this trick!

"Any time Trav sent an invite, I said yes before reading the first sentence," Van Vugt says.

"But I didn't know it would lead to a career." As Nitro Girl, Van Vugt BASE-jumped from a biplane, backflipped her dirt bike into the Grand Canyon and set a land speed record on a motorized toilet.

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