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He said he walked by Ms Pardy's table and stopped to look at her, when she allegedly splashed a drink of water in his face.

He said he then walked by Ms Pardy's table again, at which point she allegedly threw more water at him.

Mr Earle accused the women of ignoring his request for them to be quiet and telling him 'f*** you a******' and 'shut up'.

He said they insinuated he had singled them out for being lesbians.

Canada's British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has ordered amateur comedian Guy Earle and restaurant owner Salam Ishmail to pay ,500 in damages to a woman who claims she suffered lewd lesbian insults during an open mic night.

The woman, Lorna Pardy, 32, told the court she was mistreated by Mr Earle, who served as emcee at Zesty’s Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver on May 22, 2007.

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