Liquidating dividend and tax effect

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During 1992, she received salary payments from Giant of ,000 (including her portion of the health insurance premiums) and ,000 of cash distributions.

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liquidating dividend and tax effect-26

liquidating dividend and tax effect-25

Stock Basis Rules Under the proposed regulations, the basis of stock is adjusted in the following order: Increases a.The shareholder's oil and gas depletion deduction; c. Non- separately computed losses that pass through; and e. Reducing stock basis for non-deductible items prevents a shareholder from converting a non-deductible expense at the corporate level into a deductible expense when stock is sold or a liquidating distribution is received.Distributions in excess of basis are treated as gains from the sale of stock.Is it sufficient for S corporation shareholders to maintain basis by the various blocks of stock purchased?Although not answered directly, the proposed regulations are developed within a context that would require shareholders to separately maintain basis for each share of stock held.

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