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I am looking for information about my mother who was known then as Louisa Jones (nickname 'Lou') during the was was she was working in the Womans Land Army.

I had a reply which stated that I couldn't leave the garage because the manager would not release me.

Every week I asked for my "cards" In the end they said it was only fair to let me go.

I was given a chicken to hold one day and I could feel it's bones and it made me feel sick and dropped it. We had Bunk beds but later they were replaced with single iron framed beds. Among the girls with me at Rowney were, Mary Doyle (Mrs Mary Doidge of Buntingford,) Margaret Callaghan (the late Mrs Margaret Aylott of Buntingford , Eileen Parker ( Mrs Eileen Gordge of Oxford, May Robinson ( Mrs May Odegaard of USA), Joan Tiddeman ( Mrs Joan Nichols) of London) Peggy Knott (Mrs Peggy Bull of London.) Sandy Hensher (Mrs Rackstraw of Acton) Elsie Bell (Mrs Elsie Bartlett of High Cross) who was my best friend for 52 years.

Another time I was told to help put some piglets on to a cart by lifting them up by the ear and tail and when I tried it squealed so loud I screamed and dropped that too. Sadly she died just before we moved to Buntingford. Every night we were told by the forewoman which farm we were to go to next day.

We were told we would be there for four weeks but it was changed to five weeks because of a proposed visit by the Duchess of Gloucester.

We were taught a lot about farming also how to groom a horse.

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All the men were lined upon their tractors and I had to be the learner on a Caterpillar tractor. I looked out the back of the lorry and said "We are in the wilds I don't think I want to stay here". Hay Making or Harvesting, so because all the girls were spread around the countryside it took a long time to pick them all up so it was quite late when we all got back to Rowney.

She may have visited the base, perhaps for whatever reason, I do not know.

She did visit a Canadian servicemans' hospital in the area, so it could be that maybe she visited RAF Bicester when they had social gatherings etc. in September 1944, training at Ravensden, Beds., then to Wrest Park Lodge, Silsoe, Beds. we had different size vehicles, from a small Hillman van to a large Bedford lorry.

I said they were and to get across the field they would have to climb over the fence and run for their lives.

I watched them running like mad then I walked leisurely across and they realised I had lied to them. They swore at me but later saw the funny side of it.

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