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Musaeus claims She was born to Asteria and Zeus, Euripides says She is a daughter of Leto, while Thessalian legend has it that Hekate is the daughter of Admetus and a Pheraean woman.It’s likely that Hekate’s attributed birth changed as different social groups adopted Her worship, but no Greek Clan or Tribe ever claimed decent from Hekate.The Greeks began to emphasize Her darker aspects; Hekate as Goddess of the Dead & Queen of Witches.Now She roams the earth on moon less nights in the company of baying dogs and the hungry spirits of those dead who were not ready to die, those who were murdered or not given appropriate burial rites.

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Hekate was worshipped as Goddess of abundance & eloquence, & She is still generous to those who recognize Her. Classically She was part of a group with Persephone and Demeter.

Contrary to modern Pagan assumptions, Demeter represents the old crone woman, Persephone the wife woman, and Hekate is the Maiden.

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You may watch the live feed by going to the Westminster College main page (web page)--scroll to the bottom of the page--in the blue bar click on News/Watch live.

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