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This ultimately led to Phoebe deciding to return to college, and she worked hard to ensure that she was able to balance her studies on top of her responsibilities as a Charmed One, which she took very seriously.

However, this balancing act proved to be extremely difficult for her, as she and her sisters were subjected to frequent demonic attacks, and her instinct to protect the innocent often got in the way of her studies and nearly derailed her intent to pass all of her final exams.

She was a little bit older than him (not much) and she was Russian, but had been here a while and had her papers in order.

Her 1 child did not take to his new brother and sister, while they clamored for their older brother.

The biggest problem was that he had a pit bull (no, he's a white collar guy) because it was a puppy left in their office parking lot and people convinced him that, being single, he should take it home.

You don't need to answer this - but, consider how and where you met your wife, and what the criteria was that caused the deal to go through.

Unfortunately for her, almost three years after her birth, Phoebe's mother was killed by the Water Demon.

I am looking for a career woman, hence the service.Looking for something that's long term :) a relationship that could possibly turn into a marriage? soft hearted cheerful person, like to smile n take things easy... i love music, books, travel, rain, the smells of coffee, the sky and animals i don't judge & discriminate others.. However, as the least rule-abiding one of the four sisters, Phoebe frequently saw magic as a tool, which led her to often break the most basic of Wiccan rules: magic is not meant to be used for personal gain.Eight at Eight's dating service is open to single professionals looking for dating opportunities in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, DC.

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