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Then click the Down arrow arrow_drop_down and select Delete post.People viewing the topic will see a message that a post was deleted, but they won’t see who the post was from.You can start your own topics (in email or from a forum) for people to respond to.Start a new topic from email: Just email the group.Similarly, if you remove a member from a group, that person no longer has access to any content you shared with the group.If you belong to a lot of groups, you can access your most frequently used groups using Favorites.Just open the topic and click Mark as complete or Mark as best answer on the appropriate post.

If your group has too many topics to browse easily, you can quickly organize and find topics using search, filters, and tags.

You can send an email to everyone in a group with one address, invite a group to an event, or share documents with a group.

You can also create an online forum to discuss a popular technology or answer questions about a product.

Because you can use a single email address to reach everyone at once, it’s now easy to send messages, send calendar invitations, and share documents with your entire team.

Here are some of the top ways to use Groups with other G Suite products to collaborate better: In this section, you learn how to: . People you add to the group later can also access the document.

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