Mandating nurse staffing ratios

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The California Nurses Association says the ratios have improved nurse retention, raised the numbers of qualified nurses willing to work, reduced burnout, and improved morale.

Advocates also say narrower ratios in high-intensity areas, such as the emergency room, have improved patient satisfaction and have reduced medical errors, including medication mistakes and falls.

The association in 2008 hired a polling organization to survey patients who had spent time as inpatients "and 30% said safety was compromised because nurses had too many patients." De Ann Mc Ewen, an RN and member of the California Nurses Association board of directors, says the ratios have helped reverse the number of nurses exiting from the profession over the last decade because of burnout.The subject of nurse-patient ratios comes up often in nursing circles, and can often be a topic of discussion in state legislatures around the United States.Ratios are also a topic of conversation and disagreement in other countries., an American Nurses Association (ANA) website dedicated to political action and advocacy, states the following about the subject of safe staffing : “Inadequate nurse staffing levels by experienced RNs are linked to higher rates of patient falls, infections, medication errors and even death.Apparently, the Ohio Nurses Association does not officially support passage of the bill, while National Nurses United worked closely with the senator to put the bill together. Safe staffing and nurse-patient ratios are not only issues of importance to Americans; in England, the subject frequently comes up for debate.As of this writing, the bill’s viability is in question. In discussing Prime Minister Theresa May’s burgeoning political friendship with President Donald Trump, a blogger for The Nursing Times recently opined that “nurses will pay for Theresa May’s mistakes.” The article states: “In England’s hospitals, a nurse is meant to look after no more than eight medical patients.

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