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The change to EL-34s The change to EL-34 tubes resulted in the increase of power. This is when the confusing model numbers started being used I believe. This amp had a more edgy sound than the JTM-45, due to the EL-34s.But it also had the characteristic smoothness of the tube rectifier.

These amps had two “sections” (The most common thing to do was to set one section to Lead specs and the other one to Bass specs). SIR studios declined all the offers they received for it.The JTM-100, now with four EL-34s too, also gained a proper 100w transformer. It was called Marshall Super Lead 100w #1959 (Although they still didn’t have the “JMP” mark on the front, In my view, this amps are already into the JMP territory, because they have all of the JMP characteristics). This early “Plexi” versions (up to 1968) are really articulate and have a real nice “roar”.This is a photo of a JTM-45/100, but it’s the same headbox used for the early Super Leads Back of a Marshall Super Lead I think you are all familiar with this amp. If you want to hear this amp, listen to any Free live performance.The JTM50 now definetly turned into the JMP incarnation of the 1987 model, although the “formal” name ramained the same.This amp is basically the 50w version of the Super Lead, so the sound is really similar to it’s “big brother”.

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