Maxtor one touch updating status

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So essentially you've got no backup at that moment. I have a usb external disk that wasnt appearing in my computer. If this does work for you, and I really hope it does, I would highly recommend adding a RAID card and a mirrored hard drive to make sure you don't lose important data in case of future hard drive failure.If the drive failed indeed, your warranty will give you the right to receive a new empty one for free. Things to try:- See what Linux thinks of the drive (some Live CD)- GETDATABACK or ZERO ASSUMPTION RECOVERY (both have free trials)- Professional data recovery services (like or It was appearing in system management and i did populate it. This can be done for about 0 and is well worth the free to contact me if you [email protected] I will debate if RAID will save the day since I see the error to be faithfully duplicated on both drives and that doesn't help.Many times when a drive reports errors it is because the drives read head has actually contacted the surface of the platens. What program would you suggest using to burn the CD? I turned off my computer last night and turned it on this morning and my maxtor one touch II hard drive was gone. lights are on and is making normal humming nois, but I cannot access it.

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However, I would still like to use the hard drive if possible--its brand new! I know know that the Maxtor had created a partition on my C: drive when it was first connected and that partition got wiped out during reformatting. Some are known to cause issues with network cards and USB devices. I had a user who was working on her PC and it suddenly got bogged down really slow.

I have spoken to Teckie types and tried several suggestions ... (will not make personal comments about their support or policies.) grrrrrrrr. I\u0027m desperate, and would appreciate any expertise. Anxious in NY, Suzanne Let's start with the brutal truth and then move forward? "Hard disks are temporary storage."It's a maxim that has yet to be disproven, but let's move on.

I have spoken to Teckie types and tried several suggestions ... AND, if someone knows of an inexpensive recovery program. If I needed to access this drive and it was vital, then you go to these places and pay...1. not, you have placed a price on the data and it's not worth that much to you.---- OK, you want free?

I'm getting the same spontaneous reboot except mine happens every hour almost like clockwork.

This is a fresh install, no extra driver software installed and i have office 2007 and firefox installed but this happened before i installed firefox.

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