Mcafee not autoupdating since march 30

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I will troubleshoot this today and provide feedback to you all.

If you are receiving any multiplayer connection issues please try the following: Firewall Software Start by updating any anti-virus or personal firewall software that may be installed on your computer.

Make sure you have downloaded and run the latest Super DATfrom First Class and have scanned your computer.

mcafee not autoupdating since march 30-13

mcafee not autoupdating since march 30-19

right click on your Virusscan tray icon and choose virusscan console click on tools and select edit autoupdate repository list you should see your epo server(s) and the default mcafee sites look at the order of the repositories and change the order with the move up / move down buttons If necessary move the Mcafee sites to the top of the list the Mcafee sites should be; Nai Ftp com/Common Updater Nai Http If they are not there you can add them manually and move them to the top of the list If you are using a proxy server you can select the entries and choose edit and put in the port number and authentication info. I have 8 years experience managing Mcafee products and have seen just about everything :-) Try this The Mc Afee Updater window will appear.

How do I add the Mc Afee sites that you mentioned above go2dave? Here is the link to the next question: Anytime Vic, I'm here to learn and better myself/team, it's just great how guys like you and go2dave offer your skills and experiences. The part2 question is a thorn right now, I'm guessing that the machines are not showing up Green because the updates they are receiving are not from the server??

Do I simply type in the NAIftp or the complete link? even though the server is pulling the package from Mc Afee, plus I'm not sure how to check my server path so I can config the users with the update from my server directly...

Neither profile would save the personalizations and one (the local) would give me the "temporary profile created" message.

I removed the AD domain user account from the Domain Guests group and that fixed the domain user profile.

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