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He ignored the red flags in his relationships because he always wanted to see the best in people.

He took on the work of trying to solve issues that were never his to begin with.

She had an affair, admitted it, promised to never do it again … Worst of all, she threatened to take sole custody of the kids if he ever tried to divorce her.

Eventually, there was no choice but to end the marriage and EJ emerged from what he could only imagine was to be the worst time in his life.

Where else might a single person meet other single people, besides at a bar? Aside from the 10% who still haven't admitted they want children...

the rest of your potential pool either already have them or are seriously plotting.

It gave him a sense of purpose, made him feel good.

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“EJ” was always the guy people counted on—smart, driven, loyal. Needless to say he was devastated when his first marriage turned into a mess.I thought I could at least meet up with some of the younger guys I work with there.But no one I work with wants to battle traffic after 5 or they want to go to the same old places in Howard County. I have a degree in Molecular Epidemiology from the University of Michigan; the entire school was a 60-40 female-male ratio. By not only taking the time to understand but to learn from his past choices, EJ reshaped his future.He recognized that by trying to always be the “good guy,” he let people take advantage of him.

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