Metal dating singles

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It's all fine and good to be with somebody who has different interests from you. But when it's something that you really dislike and become subjected to on a regular basis because you're around this person a lot, it will start to eventually grate on your nerves. My boyfriend now likes pretty much anything I listen to. When I put new things on, he'll start subconsciously tapping his hands and feet and ask me what's playing and I'll tell him and he'll be like, "this is goooood," and that will be that.On the other hand, I've dated guys in the past I've just wanted to shoot myself with their line of music.I'd listen to Apocalyptica any day...myself being a classical musician..would be my compromise, Metallica cover tunes on the cello... Anyone who thinks music shouldn't be a factor in compatibility needs to take into account the notion of (as somebody said) spending prolonged periods of time in the car with somone with completely different taste.Over time, it can definitely put a strain on things.Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.Here are some reasons why you should create a personal ad on Russian Cupid - Others have successfully done it, so can you.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate....

Whether you like blondes or have a preference for brunettes from Russia, you can easily browse through 1000s of personals to find the perfect lady for you.By the time we were finished, she was a Danzig and Dream Theater fan. Metal is by far my fave but I have a wide varying taste.It seems pretty narrow-minded to define yourself based on musical taste. Driving in the truck with him for long road trips was agony... I can understand how that may be unnerving, especially if you are not a fan of the music. I used to really like Slipknot too but their new stuff makes me embarassed to listen to them. So when Im with her and if she isnt a metal head I just try to compromise. But if she will tolerate some of my music, Ill compromise hers as is very important to me but i'm not going to base a relationship on it.and korn/godsmack/slipknot they aren't what i would call metal.

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